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The Sisters’ primary home is St. Francis Convent, 4849 LaVerna Road (Springfield) – a 300 acre property. The convent includes two residential buildings along with a Church, Chapel, Chiara Center, administrative offices, and support departments. The property also includes a cemetery and outdoor sacred spaces.

Employees wear a name badge that features a Tau cross – a symbol that establishes an association with the Sisters’ Congregational symbol. The Tau is a sacred symbol for Franciscan men and women throughout the world. It is a letter of the Hebrew and Greek alphabet and in spiritual terms it represents the fulfillment of the revealed word and it is a sign of salvation. In the Old Testament, the prophet marks those with a Tau who have chosen to reject a sinful lifestyle (Ezekiel 9:4). And in the New Testament, those who received the sign of salvation on their foreheads professed themselves belonging to Christ (Rev. 7:2-3). A sermon by Pope Innocent III in 1215 inspired St. Francis of Assisi to use the Tau as a sign of his mission to preach penance and as an outward symbol of the Religious Order he founded. He blessed people with it and he signed his letters with it.


Employment Opportunites
November 11, 2020
36 hours per week
Night Shift: 10:15 p.m. - 6:45 a.m. including every other weekend and some holidays

November 11, 2020
40 hours per week
Evening Shift: 2:15-10:45 p.m. including every other weekend and some holidays

October 20, 2020
PRN/8 hours per week
Day Shift


About the Hospital Sisters of St. Francis
The Hospital Sisters of St. Francis is an international congregation of Franciscan Sisters founded in Germany in 1844, and their Provinces include Germany, Poland, USA, Japan, and India. The American Province, based in Springfield, IL, was founded in 1875 when Sisters from Germany arrived and began a healthcare ministry. The Province is the Founding Institute of Hospital Sisters Ministries which is the public juridic sponsor of Hospital Sisters Health System (HSHS), a multi-institutional health care system in 14 communities in Illinois and Wisconsin with 15 hospitals, health centers and clinics, physician partners, and colleagues, and Hospital Sisters Mission Outreach, a recovery and world-wide distribution of medical supplies and equipment. Chiara Center, a Franciscan Place of Spirituality for individuals and groups seeking a retreat and conference center, is a ministry of the Sisters. 

Hospital Sisters of St. Francis 4 849 LaVerna Road, Springfield, IL 62707 (217)522-3386
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