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May 2004
MAY 2004: SISTER THADDEUS CLANCY (entered eternal life on March 2, 2009) 
On March 22, 1926 in Dearborn, Michigan, a lovely set of twin girls were born to Edward and Catherine Clancy. The family named these babies Theresa and Josephine. The twins were the seventh and eighth children to be born into a large family. In time, the Clancy clan grew to include nine girls and two boys. With such a large family, the children never lacked for playmates or something to do.
A Busy Mother Guides Her Daughter
While Josephine was in grade school, the family relocated to Springfield, Illinois. She was a serious child and a good student. As she grew older, she corresponded with three different communities of religious women. She thought that she wanted to join a teaching order. About the same time, her mother met a Sister while visiting at St. John’s Hospital in Springfield. Mrs. Clancy had known the Sister in the past; the Sister mentioned to Mrs. Clancy that there was an Aspirant School at the Franciscan Motherhouse. This school was for high school girls who were interested in religious life. When Mom brought this news home, young Josephine was unimpressed because these Sisters were from a nursing community, and she felt called to a teaching ministry.
Soon, however, Josephine and her mother visited the Hospital Sisters Motherhouse; it was then Josephine knew that this was a place where she belonged. She recalls that the religious habit of the Hospital Sisters did not appeal to her; in fact, she thought it looked like a sheet over their heads. But in spite of appearances, she was overwhelmed by the kindness and hospitality that she received during her visit.
A Legacy of Healthcare Ministry
With full support from her family, Josephine entered the Hospital Sisters of St. Francis on September 8, 1942. After completing her postulancy and novitiate, Josephine, now known as Sister Thaddeus, began to study at St. John’s Hospital School of Nursing. Upon graduation in 1949, she began to serve as a registered nurse. While most of her ministry has been in hospitals, Sister worked for five years at Alverna Home Nursing Center in Chicago. From 1965 until 1988, Sister Thaddeus served as Supervisor of the Orthopedic Unit at St. Mary’s Hospital in Decatur, Illinois. At the present time, she works in the Medicine Room at the Motherhouse. Here she handles all the prescriptions and refills for the Sisters residing at the Motherhouse.

A Time to Celebrate!
In 2005, Sister Thaddeus will celebrate the 60th Jubilee of her religious profession. For some individuals, this might seem like a time for a sedentary lifestyle; but this is not the case for Sister Thaddeus. This month, she is involved in moving into a newly constructed residence for the Sisters. She enjoys planning parties so that her Sisters can have fun, get involved, and laugh a lot. The twinkle in her brilliant, blue eyes and her mischievous smile always add enjoyment to any encounter with Sister Thaddeus! 

Hospital Sisters of St. Francis 4 849 LaVerna Road, Springfield, IL 62707 (217)522-3386
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